Kids Protection Plan

Do you have minor children? Have you ever wondered what would happen if one terrible night you and your spouse don’t make it home because of a fatal accident while the kids are home with the babysitter? It’s a potential nightmare. First, the police will come to the house, and when they discover that you have children there, they will call a social worker. The social worker will do what they can, but in many cases, the kids end up spending time in a foster home until the Court can figure out what to do. Well meaning relatives could end up fighting with each other over who gets the kids, which could exacerbate the trauma that your children are already experiencing. It could be a mess.

You can avoid all of this if you have a Kids Protection Plan in place. The Kids Protection Plan is a comprehensive set of documents and instructions that will ensure that your kids are taken care of according to your wishes from the first minute it becomes necessary. The police, social workers, and the Court will all know what to do and how to do it, both in the short and long run.

I can include a Kids Protection Plan as part of your larger estate plan, or, if you prefer, it can be a stand alone Plan. It’s up to you. If you want to make sure that your children are cared for in case the worst happens, then you need one of these Plans. Fill out the contact form below and we can arrange a time to meet, where I can discuss this with you in more detail.

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