Beth Perry

Inclusive • skilled • astute • compassionate • rooted in community • POC • LGBTQ+
Alf is always personable and relatable, even when the process is more complicated than I can fully grasp. Answers phone calls and emails promptly and with plenty of information so that I feel fully prepared. He’s the kind of lawyer that I had hoped I could be, when I considered going into law in college.
We’ve gone to him for our will, a workplace issue, and a misdemeanor issue with one of our children.
Having gone through the death of my father when I was 11, Alf understood the will / estate /revocable trust questions and concerns that I had. Now I’m 3/4 through divorce and I wouldn’t have gone to anyone else in Wisconsin for his areas of law. No question.

Josh Lewis

Alf has always been easy to talk to and is full of great knowledge. I would pick him over any lawyer un this state. Has always retuned my calls and emails in a promptly manner. Thanks for your time Alf. Very appreciated.

Samantha Conn

I’m not sure on other cases I see below are some bad reviews, but this guy sat on the phone with me and discussed things over, he answers all my emails in a timely matter.. so far he is the only that actually took time to talk instead of rushing into money right away.
Like you should want to talk with someone who may hire you not rush it into money talk right away. Alf Legan did not, now I just hope for good news soon!!! Fingers crossed. 😊

Jared Deemee

Went there a few months back to ask some questions about a probation violation. He gave me some advice that kept me from getting my probation revoked. Had to sit a week in jail (which he predicated) but that was a lot shorter then the time I would of had to sit if I didn’t take his advice. Would recommend.

Ricky Saippa

He was very professional and resourceful. Went above and beyond for me. Highly recommend

Olivia Rasner

Great professional interior. Easy to locate

Carol Steinhoff

Always pleased with the service

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